Monday, July 13, 2009

Stylish Wilderness

We are about half way through a road trip which has taken us down through the pristine coastal wilderness of the Far South Coast of NSW into Victoria. We decided to take a detour at the last minute to remote Mallacoota where a very stylish girl I know, Rosemary Luker, has restored an old guesthouse.
Karbeething Lodge is a charming ramshackle pile on a lake in the middle of nowhere. It is a good hour and a half drive from the nearest big town. I am dying to ask Rosemary how she found it as it really is in a most out of the way spot.
Rosemary and her partner Russell have done a fair bit of redecorating and the result is gloriously faded shabby chic. We and a family from Princeton, New Jersey were the only guests as it's the middle of winter here.
The previous night we stayed at a motel further up the coast which was perfectly clean and adequate but totally lacking in atmosphere, unlike Karbeethong Lodge which was full of thoughtful decorative details. I am wondering why there aren't more places like this...


  1. From one Catherine to another....
    Thanks for visiting!
    I'm intrigued to hear you are opening a shop in Berry. I've long wanted to visit Berry but haven't got there yet but when I do I will be sure to visit your shop!

  2. What a beautiful spot. I'm adding it to my list of stylish places to say one day! If you make it as far as Melbourne I'd love to catch up for coffee & cake to meet a fellow South Coast gal. Berry is one of my most favourite spots in the whole world and I try to visit any time I get to Kiama for a family stay - especially if the markets are on. I'll have to keep an eye out for In My House.

  3. This is amazing. Thanks so much for this as we are planning a south coast drive soon. This looks like the perfect spot to stop for a few days.

  4. Lovely blog space you have going on here. And how nice of you to take the blog on tour during your holidays.

    Really enjoyed reading all your inspirational posts.