Friday, August 21, 2009

Anna Spiro in Vogue

I have been dying to write a "behind the scenes" on the story I did on Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things. It is in the September issue of Vogue Living which is finally out.
How did the story come about? It was either great timing or just meant to be that I happened to call Anna when photographer Simon Kenny and I were heading up to Brisbane to do some magazine stories.
I had been following the blog and thought she may have a project we could look at. It was good luck that Anna was just putting some finishing touches to her own house so we set the date for the shoot and interview.
On the day of the shoot, Simon collected me from the airport and we headed over to Anna's home south of the Brisbane River. Anna and I hit it off at the start. While Simon set up his camera, we just sat on the sofa and gabbed, barely catching breath! We had so much in common - a love of hot pink, painted white floorboards and eclectic decorating.
But what struck me most was Anna's passion for her profession as well as how seriously she treats every aspect of her design projects. As I touched on in the Vogue Living article, real interior decorators who have done a traditional design apprenticeship as Anna has, are thin on the ground these days. Anna knows her stuff when it comes to quality soft furnishings, overstuffed upholstery and interpreting her clients' own style.
I love that she is a modern day Leslie Walford (a famous Australian decorator who must be at least 80 by now) but brings a contemporary, 'more dash than cash' edge as well.
Her home feels exactly like the pictures - its pretty, uplifting and fun to be in. I know I am inspired, in fact after our chat I started my blog and she is my blog mentor!
Thanks for sharing your story with me, Anna.
There are more photos coming if you would like to see them...


  1. Thank you for sharing her story with us! This was quite a treat!

  2. Anna's home is gorgeous Catherine. I never want to leave when I'm there.
    I love the pops of colour off the white walls and floor. Stunning!
    I've been fortunate enough to have Anna decorate our home too. It's the Gumdale House on her website.
    She is seriously clever at what she does. I don't think she know just how good she is!!

  3. I love the pink lamp shades! Thanks for the post.

  4. Many thanks to both you and Anna for sharing this beautiful home and story with us! Anna's home is spreading like wildfire on the blogosphere and for good reason, too! And it wouldn't have been so with out you, Catherine!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!


    PS. I am loving your blog!

  5. Anna! Hello!
    Your blog is fabulous! I´m a dentist and I love beuatiful things, houses...
    I live in Brazil and here we love diferent ideas.
    Kisses and Kisses
    Lu Espejo

  6. How very lovely, Catherine! I cannot wait until we get that issue here in the states, so I can read your story on my friend Anna. So glad you wrote and I have discovered your beautiful blog!

  7. I LOVE Anna's home. You did a great job!

  8. always love to see more anna spiro photos. ever since i saw her straddie home in country style i've been a fan. love your work too!! thankyou.

  9. i think you'd like my post on anna from this morning. i especially love her use of white with colors. take a look, if you like: