Friday, November 27, 2009

The Perry Beach House

This month I have a feature in The Australian Womens Weekly on a stunning beach house owned by the Perry family.
This house is in the same beach village that my little houses are in and I met Justine and Andrew after a stroll along the beach one day.
I can remember what the house was like before they bought it - indeed we had considered buying it ourselves but turned up too late at the auction! It consisted of two very rundown old fibro shacks which they kept and joined together with massive awnings. Justine has decorated it with a combination of minimal modern and vintage which works really well with the old house with sleek renovations.
Its a great escape for the Perrys who wanted their young children to experience the uncomplicated fun of extended holidays at the beach. Lately whales and their calves have been coming close into the beach.
You can now rent it - contact


  1. How amazing and I love how they kept the old fibro shacks.

  2. This home is lovely. In February, when it's still 30 below in Chicago I'll be happy to have this link for the rental information. Thanks!