Friday, January 8, 2010

Industrial By Design

I have long been a fan of industrial antiques and fittings so was amused that someone noticed that the benches in my kitchen in the Seafarers Cottage #1 were a bit industrial.
One person who has done a nice job decorating a country house, avoiding the twee by using some well placed industrial pieces is Lyn Gardener, with her White House in Daylesford.
Industrial-inspired homewares are popping up everywhere, I only hope they don't become too cliche!
I have started stocking some industrial pieces at the shop. It began when I put an old pair of iron  gates and some ornate bath feet by the counter. Not long after an artistic lady from the Blue Mountains lay-byed the gates and about 6 other people have wanted them since.

Some of the great things coming to the shop I will put up on the blog soon:
An American claw-foot bath
a Victorian garden gate in red and cream
Blue iron driveway gates with hearts
A giant lab sink (that is a struggle for 2 men to carry!)


  1. I too Love this look, and have been implementing it in my own home little by little. Nice Post!

  2. I read the article on Lyn Gardiners country house - just lovely, and you're right she has done the vintage industrial look really well - as always!

  3. this is just beautiful. i love the true blend of styles together - all the pieces fit beautifully.

  4. Hi just another Aussie dropping in. admiring your these pics. I just posted some pics from Toast...household stuff which would fit perfectly here.

  5. I have been a big fan of Lyn's Daylesford cottage for some time and have a burning desire to purchase those delightful retro, parker, eames style dining chairs...Yum...also thought I would mention how truly inspirational your blog is...Cant get enough...All the best, Linda

  6. That bathroom is absolutely to die for...

  7. I LOVE all of the idustrial flourishes...particularly the lighting!

    Fun blog!

  8. Hi Catherine, have just discovered your blog. It's great ! I do love the industrial touches too. Am off now to read the rest of your blog that i have missed out on and will add you to my favourites. thanks, Mel xxx

  9. Hi again - Catherine i cant get any of the links to work to your beach house or Sydney house. Is the website down or is it me? thanks, Mel xx

  10. Mel try again there was a problem but its fixed now.