Monday, January 25, 2010

Love An Aqua Kitchen

Quite a few people wrote some very kind comments about my aqua kitchen so I thought I'd share another one Robbie and I did at our very first beach house reno at a house overlooking Jervis Bay, which inspired the colour.
The colour is actually the colour of seaglass or the colour of a breaking wave.
We attempted to integrate all the practical features - the gas cooktop is almost seamless in the s/s bench; the fridge and pantry are tucked in behind the s/s wall which houses the microwave and oven, and of course the sink - where we use to bath our new born baby - is integrated.
That makes this kitchen over 7 years old!


  1. Its just that it looks so simple and so relaxed. It's great.

  2. Hi Catherine
    I just discovered your blog ... the cottage looks fantastic!
    As a child we used to holiday at Culburra Beach on the south coast (which I noticed you have a beach house). I haven't been there for 15+ years ... I'm sure its changed a lot!

  3. funny i have been thinking about the "cool aqua kitchen" for the last few days... and still LOVE it... and this one too. are there two different ones???

  4. Yes, there are 2 aqua kitchens - this one is in Callala and was actually done about 7 years ago, although I still love its simplicity. It is in a 60s fibro beach cottage we renovated.

  5. I just LOVE the aqua. you have done a fantastic job with both of your kitchens. I am now totally inspiried to do 'aqua' in my beach house kitchen too...a BIG thank u Cate