Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coffee Heaven

I was looking around for inspiration for my new kitchen and came across Martha Stewart's "Cappucino Counter" in her newest kitchen. What a great idea - I think I will try to include a dedicated coffee and tea servery in my plans.
She also has a small office built into another spot in the kitchen so she can watch TV or surf the net for recipes and answer emails. I don't think this mix of tasks would suit everyone, but I have to admit it appeals to me.


  1. I like it too! I would love something like that.

  2. Suits me too!!

    Kitchen office spot was high on the list of wants for my new kitchen, along with library style storage for my cookbook collection. Quite excited just thinking about it (yep sad, I know), but laptop spot so essential for my busy and slightly 'slummy mummy' lifestyle!!

    Going to have a little coffee spot too in my walk-in pantry. All going to be fitted at the end of May....can't wait!!

    Best wishes from Ireland,

    Mrs C x

  3. A coffee- and tea corner in the kitchen are perfect. I like it. I don't have a grandiose machine but often I sit there with my notebook and a cup of coffee ;)

    We love to meet in the kitchen for talk, cook, a coke...



  4. Oh my. Get me one of those. That coffee machine is AWESOME.

  5. A small office in the kitchen with a T.V. is great! I spend most of my days in the kitchen and one of the most handiest things is to look up recipes on the computer.

    Love Martha Stewart!

    Rambles with Reese

  6. Count me in! Coffee, aka happy juice, is a twice daily event in my house!

  7. that coffee corner is divine! I'd love to build something like that in our new home... have a lovely day!