Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kate Spade Pops Up

New York accessories designer, Kate Spade, has opened a pop-up shop in a town house in London's Covent Garden. Apparently this is a temporary thing to test the waters and build brand awareness while they look for a "proper" shop.
What a fab idea. Personally, I think this is much more interesting than seeing yet another slick, high street emporium. These interiors are quirky, inventive and a little bit edgy.
I'm inspired, how about you?


  1. definitely, love those little tables x

  2. I would SO love to see it! It looks a little quirky and a fun place to rummage around - love that settee with the different coloured button tufting :)

  3. Really nice - so much more interesting than your averge boring, cold shop.

  4. I wish she would pop-up in Sydney, or at the very least ship to Australia. The sale stuff on her site is dirt cheep at the moment (especially in light of our delicious dollar). Oh well probably a good thing really - my children do like to be fed occasionally & if I was let loose on Kate Spade they would have to starve for a month or two....


  5. Love the quotes on the side tables. Very uplifting!