Friday, October 8, 2010

Tree House

God love them, my aunt and mother have been gathering information on our family tree for decades. Like many who live in the "new world", our heritage is a fascinating patchwork of stories of adventure and heartbreak and the meeting of many cultures.
I have put myself in as the contributor from the next generation, partly because my curiousity knows no bounds. And also because I have the skills to research the internet and put it all together.
How can I string this back to an interior design post?
In my endless Googles about a certain Scottish ancestor who started the wine trade on the island of Madeira, I found that the ancestral home, near Inverness, is on the market for the first time ....and what a pile it is.
Designed by one of Britain's most famous architects, it looks like something out of a Jane Austen film.
As some followers may remember, I have been contemplating buying an old pile somewhere in Europe for a few years now. Our plans to buy in rural France however, were put on the back burner when the GFC took hold.
Yesterday I found myself grilling a friend who used to work for BBC Scotland just HOW cold it is there. She said that she used to come home from work, have a hot bath and get straight under the duvet in winter. Hmmm.
Anyway, its fun to entertain the thought of living here. I already have the Pringle twin-set (which is hot pink).


  1. looks and is classy and gorgeous

  2. It's lovely! I wouldn't mind that in my family history - or as a vacation spot, in the summer, mind you!

  3. Oh my god, I can just see you there in your twinset. It is quite a pile though. Not exactly a low-maintenance holiday home.