Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Paint It!

Grey on grey from the gorgeous Bed Of Flowers in Holland
A simple blue chair makes this entry hall.
It's hard to go past white painted furniture on white floors and walls.
Love this modern update on shabby chic at Bed Of Flowers in Holland
Even Ralph Lauren is getting into it....

I have to admit I still feel a twinge of guilt when applying a first coat of paint on a perfectly nice piece of wooden furniture. On my recent travels shooting house stories for the glossies, I saw some particularly good examples which I can't show yet as they have not been published!
In the meantime, here are some favourites from my files.

I am making a long list of pieces I need to do myself, both for home and the beach cottages...
First up, I have to paint some old cane furniture for my verandah and I am wondering if I should paint them all white or add some colour?


  1. I love a great piece of painted furniture. My rule is, if it is an antique and the finish is in pristine condition, I won't touch it. Otherwise, virtually anything is fair game.

  2. I think it's a great way to tart up pieces of furniture which otherwise would probably look dated. Seems to me that certain types of 'brown' furniture are fast becoming the high waistband of interior fashion! Like you I also felt guilt when I painted my first piece, and it wasn't even perfectly 'good' - it was a dreadful old table scored on ebay which turned out to have resin mouldings! It's a sleek blueblack gloss now, sitting in my farm kitchen.

    I do have a question, though, on the method of painting people use. I spent, literally, many whole weekends and went through three (I kid you not)3 spray painting machines and an ocean of despair before I got anywhere near the result I wanted. Either the finish was too matte (non-airless sprayer), or it dribbled, or it this-ed or it that-ed. Even now, after following instructions to the letter 't' when it came to dilution rates for the paint, my table has a slightly tacky feel. And that's after about 6 months!

    So I'm really interested to know what method others are using to achieve high gloss effects, and what they've found to work.

  3. The type of paint depends on the piece. For wicker I use spray paint, for some chairs and tables I use either gloss or flat/satin enamel applied with a brush. As the men in my life are constantly reminding me, a well prepared surface always gets the best results.
    For some really rustic pieces I use watered down acrylic. Part of the fun is experimenting.

  4. The simple blue chair looks lovely. Wonderful to see the difference a coat of blue paint can make to a simple piece of furniture. I guess as long as paint does not damage wood, it is fair to do it.

  5. You are so right about painting furniture. I finally got around to refinishing our kitchen table, and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. Made such a difference. I'm going to attack our coffee table next. Fabulous blog, I just found it and so glad I did:)

  6. I adore painted vintage cane furniture! A fresh lick of paint often instantly transforms or updates!

  7. The last picture is fabulous, that green wall with white and red is stunning. So nice your post.
    Hugs from Brasil.

  8. I am painting furniture today...thanks for the tips!

  9. love the grey in the first pic! - My darling friend recently sourced the most amazing bamboo chair for me at auction. My conservative mother was deeply troubled after recently visiting me and having seen the chair, when I told her I would be painting it in a high gloss bright colour! can't wait to share it x

  10. I'm a huge painted furniture fan (unless of course it's a nice antique with a lovely wood finish). I usually stick to white, greys and black so I don't tire of the colour and just switch things up with colourful accessories. :)