Monday, April 18, 2011

Church Hall Update: The SLOW Building Movement

The old church hall is making slow progress mainly because we have been pretty busy with our other projects. As it does not have a particular deadline, (ie; it's our own house) it takes second place to jobs that have fee-paying clients.

However, the link between the house and the hall has been finished and my husband has been fixing up all the old windows in his spare moments. I think he finds repairing them quite rewarding.

We have also found two sets of gorgeous old french doors which will go either side of the fireplace. There are plenty more waiting for re-use in the shed. I love old windows because of their detailing and patina. Often the glass is so old it is sort of uneven and quite beautiful - a bit like sea glass.
Many of the windows and doors in our collection we picked up for next to nothing off demolition sites or at garage sales. Its also environmentally friendly to reuse them rather than waste new wood and transport.

Our approach to renovating our own house is a bit like the slow food movement I guess. Apart from actually being very slow (haha), we try and use local materials and local craftsmen and trades.
Which reminds me, my slow-food vegie patch needs attention, also!


  1. I love this - the hipstamatic (sp?) photos, the whole idea of slow reno (ours is in slo-mo too) and most of all original glass and 'old fibro' look for the linking coridoor.

  2. The slow-go can be very very frustrating. At least you guys are getting somehwere, unlike us, we are at a total stop! I just adore your windows, they're so beautiful!

  3. You know, it doesn't make for a very exciting post but it's real life, not magazine mock-ups. Thanks for the encouragement!