Sunday, April 3, 2011

House and Garden

I am very excited to say we have the cover story in the latest issue of House and Garden Magazine.
This beautiful Queenslander in the Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo is a classic that has been in the Watson family for many generations. Owner Cathy Watson called in the girls from Lily G, Melinda and Natalee, to work their magic to transform the interiors.
Like many recent empty nesters, Cathy and her husband found themselves finally living in their own space. Cathy saw it as a great opportunity to redecorate and do all those things you just don't get around to when you have a house full of teenagers.
Melinda and Natalee from Lily G chose a green, white and light blue palate and just simply re-worked some of Cathy's old furniture and modernised the house and its large verandas with white and green accessories.
It all works perfectly with the green and white garden.


  1. Congrats!!!!!!!!

    Wish I could see the spaces not so 'styled'.

    Garden & Be Well, XO. T

  2. Congratulations!!!! Well deserved.

  3. Oh, well done!!! They look as though they did a wonderful job in the styling department, though the house is altogether lovely, isn't it?

    It looks so light and fresh, I love it!

    Thank you so much for sharing. Your blog is gorgeous - so inspiring. I'm your new follower.


  4. Congratulations Catherine, such a beautiful cover and story! The Lily G girls did a gorgeous job.


  5. Thanks Catherine. You and Simon are a talent force to be reckoned with!! It was a lovely job and the best part is how happy Cathy (the client) is.

  6. H & G arrived in my mailbox last week and I quickly flicked through to read the cover story... just lovely! Georgie x

  7. A lovely and fresh makeover. Another fine job by the Lilyg team. Congrats Katherine. ;-)

  8. Congrats on the cover story Catherine. It looks like an amazing house. Will pop by the newsagent this afternoon and pick up a copy xx

  9. What a beautiful home and lovely place to live, the colours are gorgeous.

  10. Wow! That ia beautiful...go the queenslander!!

  11. Lovely photos....think I will go buy House & Garden Magazine!!!
    Do you have any idea how to "date" how old casement windows are by their style???

  12. That second picture floored me! The whole house is fabulous!