Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wrapped Up in Beautiful Bedlinen

Love the bold yellow blooms mixed with charcoal.
In this cold and windy weather we have in August, staying in bed is rather more tempting than usual. Recently I treated myself to some new cotton flannelette sheets, on sale of course, but all this sleeping in has got me lusting after some luxurious bedlinen from Australian designer Tracie Ellis.

Her label AURA is all about understated luxury, heavy textured fabrics and interesting details. Here are some of my favourites from the current catalogue which appeared in my mailbox recently...

My favourite hot pink teamed with linen.
A bold complementary mix of turquoise and orange.

This is not a paid post by the way, I am seriously loving these! Love the styling, too.


  1. I love the lemon and charcoal too. I really like the concept of mixed prints on the bed too, waking up to exciting contrasts really makes me happy...a good start to the morning.

  2. They are beautiful, I'm off to check out her store.

  3. The range is beautiful, I love the sound of the "heavy textured fabrics" xT

  4. Oh they are beautiful. I love the thought of having a big cosy bed like that full of lovely linens!

  5. Beautiful and inspirational ideas here - thanks for posting.

  6. Finding nice, stylish, interesting bed linen that doesn't cost a bomb is almost impossible in this country. Unless it's on sale, and then you've got to be quick. I agree with Lou, the b&w looks great with your green windows.