Monday, October 22, 2012

Divine Inspiration: Church reworked as a house

I'm immersed in work and renovations of the church and found this place in my cyber travels...

This amazing design project by Zecc Architects in Utrecht, Netherlands, saw the complete remodeling of the interior of a church to become a contemporary home.

The "Before" shot of the church

This church is much more gothic than ours, and the renovation much more full-on, but I couldn't resist posting it. (Our church is much more "Shaker" - a simple wooden building.)

Favourite design ideas:
1: the over-the-top chandeliers in the bathroom and main living area. They add a bit of religious drama and sense of occasion to the spaces.

2: Colour: The contrast of the all-white main interiors with the charcoal bathroom.

3: Stairway to heaven: Love the floating stair leading up to the bedroom in the heavens above!


  1. How fantastic, I've always had a dream to one day renovate a church into a family home. You appear to be living my dream. xT

  2. Brilliant! This is sure a tough challenge for designers and I love the fruits of hard work I'm seeing right now. Got my eye on your next posts.

  3. When it comes to designing a house, most people tend to focus more on the interior since it is the part where the members of the family will spend the most of their time.