Monday, June 17, 2013

My House Rules - The Queenslander Gone Wrong?

BEFORE: a plain 50s board & brick suburban
On prime time TV here there are two house renovation shows vying for the limelight.
On My House Rules the teams are renovating a very plain house in Brisbane that aspires to be a Queenslander. Easy. You would think...
Most of the teams didn't seem to know what a Queenslander was. The big reveal is tonight and already I shudder to think what might be. We have already seen the modern pivoting front door which is totally wrong for a Queenslander and modern battening also wrong for the style.
However, the glimpses of the kitchen we have seen look spot-on.
Here are my style cues for the perfect Queenslander, one of my own favourite house types.
AFTER: This is kinda how it should look but I don't think it will...
This house I have done a story on is a stunning Queenslander that was totally renovated.

KITCHEN: country with industrial touches, like this Queenslander I photographed for the Weekly.
STYLE CUES: Pressed tin, vertical jointed wall boards, timber fretwork.

BEFORE: The MHR teams contemplate the brief.

DREAM ON: how an traditional Queenslander looks.


  1. I happened to discover this show by accident and stared watching the renovation of the Brisbane house with interest. The first thing I noticed was how the hosts' referred to it as a 'Queenslander', of which it clearly isn't (looks more post-war). It seemed to get worse and then worst of all is the front door! How they didn't know what a Queenslander house is is beyond me, but obviously, if they didn't know they wouldn't get it right.

  2. I'm a purist as well and have to say this small post war cottage does not a trad queenslander make.
    I guess with a creative imagination, one might open it up inside ,add a deck ( verandah /cough) , and sand the floors.
    This'd be the best it could be.
    Its sad that they're all so generically "contemporary" in what they do.

  3. Adam, you are right - it is definitely NOT a Queenslander but it could have come close. The room which came closest to the mark was the kitchen which was pretty spot on and deserved to win. The only other couple who understood the brief were the Adelaide duo, Carly & Leighton who did a great country bathroom and modern country study.

  4. Holy mother of renovation no-nos. I haven't been following the show but there is no way that house should be turned into a Qlder. Post-war homes can be awesome and stylish really is a shame homes are turned into something they are not. e.g modernist homes into Tuscan villas, post-wars into Queenslanders. too scary. xx

  5. So what is the right door for a queenslander.The boys got is wrong with a pivoy door,and the owners got it wrong with a federation door.

  6. OK> The right door for a Queenslander... see my new post.

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