Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Old Chairs

I have a few old armchairs out the back of the shop at the moment, just sitting there patiently waiting for make overs.
Old upholstered chairs can look fabulous if you pick just the right fabric and can give some personality to a room that lacks the wow factor.
I love the blue and white chairs Anna Spiro had done up for her shop recently. I had the striped ones covered in a french deck chair fabric for my shop a while ago and when I look at this photo again wish I hadn't sold them!
Sometimes they benefit from a coat of white paint on the woodwork and sometimes just a polish will do.


  1. Hi,
    A while back I spotted two old wingback chairs at a second hand store, I snapped them up, and just had them re-upholstered. They are crazy cool and soon I will be showing them off, so check back in.... It's amazing what a little fabric and some paint can do!!

    Northern Light

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I'm enjoying your blog!

  3. That second one is very striking. Sure caught my eye.

  4. I think they are all beautiful.

  5. I can't blame you for wanting to hang onto the chairs you sold. They were lovely.

  6. Thanks for posting my chairs Catherine! Would love to see what you do with some of your old chairs!!


  7. LOVELY blk and white striped chair...! :))