Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning The New Laundry

My new/old church hall has a small annex which will house the laundry, scullery and a small bathroom. As these will be the first rooms to be renovated I have to make some design decisions asap.
One of my favourite laundries is in Jenny Larsen's Brisbane house, the photo of which did not make the cut in the article I did for Real Living last year. Love the dark grey cabinets with butler's sink and the wicker baskets hung on the wall.
The sink shot is from Martha Stewart's basement laundry. She is the go-to girl for tips on setting up a laundry, is she not?
I like the look of open shelves above the bench, too and the boarded cupboard doors echo the wall linings in the main room of the building.
BTW I must admit that doing the laundry is the only household chore I really enjoy doing so I was happy to discover that one of the best views from the new building is from the laundry door out over the paddocks to the mountain, framed by a giant conifer.


  1. I think all those pictures look good, but the first one is my favourite.
    Lucky you having such a lovely view.
    Em x

  2. I'm renovating our laundry too, and I confess to having a bit of a laundry fetish! I really like the dark cabinets in the first image, I might steal that for my ideas file. Looking forward to pics of your new laundry.
    Kerri x

  3. Hi... I really like the idea of an art piece in the laundry room! I think the third image is great, if you can't look out over the fields while folding the laundry, at least plan ahead so there is something to look at. that way you wont be starring into the wall....

    happy laundry day!

    Northern Light
    PS. I love to iron; crisp white pillowcases are a favorite!

  4. I agree, the idea of a pice of artwork in the laundry is fabulous. I will take a pic of the view.

  5. If my laundry looked like any of these I'd probably spend more time in there. Oh wait I already spend my life in there... well, I'd enjoy it more!

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  7. hello there - I'm a fan of the first one too - it just all comes together so well ... once we move to Dunedin in NZ I will have a proper laundry - much needed in cooler climes I think ... best le