Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Live With What You Love

This post has been inspired by a wonderful comment made on yesterday's post by Pam at Red Ticking all the way on the other side of the Pacific in Seattle.
"Live With What You Love" and why not? Life is too short to live in an interior half lived. I love colour and have painted some pretty colourful rooms in my time and most people love it but say "oh I couldn't live with that, it's not practical!"
Why not paint a room in a colour you are passionate about? If you do tire of it it's only a coat of paint.
These photos are of our old beach house and are about 10 years old according to the date stamp. Go the feature wall - so nineties!
What are some of the things you would do in your decor if you were more daring? I'd love to hear.
BTW: Those floors in the top pic were a great success - they were a disaster to begin with but it goes to show how you have to persevere. The finish is Porters white Wood Wash, with a top coat of white vinyl paint watered down and finished with water based sealer.


  1. I would actually try to paint my wood floors-- either all white or in some pattern...I admire you for having the courage to do so! And you get it so right!

  2. I have actually taken on being more daring. I have painted my bottom cabinets a pretty blue (too bright for many) decorated the room in reds and yellows. I have also pulled up my carpet and painted the sub floor in our dining room. I will be doing the same in the living room and on our stairs. I know it is not for every one, but then again, not everyone is living in our house.

  3. i completely agree with you Catherine. We're in the midst of renovating our office and we've ordered red and black chalkboard paint from an online store. So, I'm waiting with anticipation! It has always been my dream to decorate with this type of paint.

    Love your blog!

  4. I agree whole-heartedly. Why are so many people afraid of colour on the walls when it is, after all only a can of paint and so easy to change? I still think there's room for feature walls today, especially for those that are to scared to go too crazy.

  5. I've just posted on a similar theme Catherine, and I thoroughly agree that we should inject our personalities into our homes, rather than going with what's safe or trendy. And hey, it's just paint! I think we need to relax and be a bit adventurous - you never know how great it could be until you give it a try. K xx

  6. I admit I tend to go with a fairly neutral background and then choose furniture and artworks I love to provide the personality. i am not a fan of a feature wall. Not at all.

  7. I agree - sometimes you just need a pop of colour! I love your beach house - I'm always drawn to that green for some reason. Your dining chairs are fab too! : )