Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reclaimed Windows

While I'm in the mood for offering practical advice, here is another renovation post on windows.
My husband Rob collects old windows and doors. We have sheds full of them. It's quite overwhelming, particularly when I am longing to turn the old chook shed (hen house) into a Martha Stewart-style greenhouse but can't because it is stacked with old windows.
However, these old windows do come in handy with our renovation projects and if you ask me, nothing looks as elegant as an old casement window.
They also cost a fortune to get made up or to buy new and recycling an old window saves on land fill and saves trees from being cut down.
We will sometimes design a room around a fabulous set of old french doors we have found. In the old church hall we are renovating, we put some old casement windows in the laundry and scullery and they really add character to what would be fairly bland service rooms.
The pics above are some good examples of how we put old windows to good use. These beach cottages were given a new life thanks to these recycled windows.


  1. I'm really enjoying your regular posts and especially would like to thank you for sharing your tried and tested tips and tricks!!!

  2. Hi Jenny - If you have any topics you'd like some advice on just let me know.

  3. Ooh, I love those doors & that green! Lovely!


  4. Wow, sheds full of windows - that would be a sight to see. It really is great that they're saved and re-used :)

  5. i love reclaimed materials! i recently saw someone make and entire green house out of reclaimed doors that had nothing but square windows in them from top to bottom. very cool.
    good luck with yours!

  6. Glad we're not the only ones to do that! We pick up windows whenever we see them, even from roadsides, but doors are our biggest weakness. I reckon we'll have to have a house made to accommodate the 14ft carved wall and double doors we bought in Bali!