Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ideas Between The Covers

Thanks everyone for such thought provoking comments on blogs vs magazines.To me, this interaction is the most rewarding aspect of blogging. I often wonder about what people think of the stories I do for magazines. You send it off to the editor, it gets published and that's that. It's as if it goes right out into space...

Yesterday Simon and shot a great place down here on the South Coast which I might talk about next week when he processes the photos. We have a really nice story coming out in the next issue of House & Garden magazine, which I will write about shortly. House & Garden is looking really good these days and their website is a handy source for ideas - one of the better magazine sites, I think. The images above are some of my picks from H&G for inspiration for the farmhouse.

These top two rooms are going into my file for how I am going to deal with the huge space of the church hall which will be our kitchen, living and ding combined. Having photographed endless houses with huge open plan living areas, I have to admit I feel more inclined to make the space more cosy. How great is this day bed "box" inside a large space? This will go straight into my scrapbook!

This bedroom and bathroom combo is something I have been thinking about for our attic bedroom. I can see this will probably become my daughter's room when she approaches teen age. It has tented, boarded ceilings which would be a shame to break up with a bathroom wall. Should be the ultimate teen pad.


  1. I think the great thing about magazines is that you can rip the page out and save it for later. These look fantastic and will make your hall really special.

  2. I stayed in a hotel room in Paris that had a similar bedroom/bathroom set up to this. It was a five star, over the top, flouncy extravaganza, reminiscent of an 18th century bordello - totally appealed to my sparkly, showgirl side!

    I would advise excellent extractor fans.