Friday, July 30, 2010

That Zebra Chair

‘Iam only good for two things in this world,” Valentino once told me, “designing dresses and the decoration of houses. I am not capable to do anything else.” Valentino in August Vanity Fair.

Just had to show you this photo from Vanity Fair of Valentino's New York apartment. That Zebra chair is fabulous is it not?
Apparently Jacques Grange was called in to spruce up Valentino's fifth Avenue pied-a-terre, transforming it from '1980s ode to czarist-Russian opulence' to an all-white, lacquered wall gallery for his enviable collection of modern art.
God love him.... at 78!


  1. Oh yes, I can't even imagine him dressing down in such a formal space. Looks great but I wouldn't be able to relax there.

  2. Indeed it is!!!

    What a fantastic blog - just found you via, not sure actually, you know how it is...anyway, glad I did!


  3. I agree that chair is pretty fabulous - but then so is the whole space! ; )