Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Questions from the Mum Bloggers

Allison at Pink Fibro has challenged her favourite "Mum" bloggers to answer these questions... so we can gain some insight into the women behind the blogs. Do I count even though I'm more of a design blogger? Apologies to my readers who want more cushion posts. Here goes...

Did you have a Birth Plan? How did that work out for you?

I had a sort of birth plan that involved major pain relief (an epidural) that went west when someone else had an emergency cesarean and distracted my anesthetist for a number of hours. I was induced but had to wallow around in a spa bath for what seemed like an eternity. My husband had to pretend he was checking on the doctor about every 5 minutes.

Did you, at any stage, attempt Gina Ford’s Contented Baby regimen?

Never. Still don't. The mothers in my inner-city Mothers Group who did turned into stressed out control freaks. I'm a big believer in CHILL - a calm mother in tune with her baby lets her instincts save the day.

What is your favourite form of exercise?

Walking. I love to look at the scenery and other people's houses. I think less about the pain and repetition when I'm thinking about paint colours and what roses I'm going to order this winter.

What was the best first date you ever went on?

It would have to be the one with my husband as that's the last one I had! It involved a foot massage under a cafe table and talking until the sun came up.

Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate?

Dark chocolate, but love them all, have to confess. That reminds me - I had better go for a walk.

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