Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Domino Lives On

Colour and groovy chairs do it every time in a kitchen, no matter how small.
These surfaces used to be beige - bring on the stripe and gloss paint!
This is a tiny NYC apartment packed with design attitude and personality.
I have to agree with Miles Redd that animal print is practically a neutral.

Great news that Conde Nast have incorporated some of the best stories and design tips from the defunct Domino Magazine in the Brides.com website.
Just type Domino into the search box on the Brides site and all the stories come up!
Here is a taste - Miles Redd's "decorating with impact" tips, the kitchen makeover (top) and how to decorate a really small apartment (third pic).
Thanks Crystal for the tip.


  1. It's interesting to see the 80's striped wallpaper : )

  2. I was planning to rent a small apartment in town. I love white & colors as well but I'm planning to minimize of using the colors. Can you give me some idea of how does it work? Thanks. xxoo

  3. Slightly random on a brides site but fantastic all the same!

  4. Love the stripes in the living room photo above. Great blog!

  5. One can only be grateful to those who rescued this beauty!

    Adding you to my blog roll.

    x Charlotta