Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Hall Hits the Low Point

The church hall is coming along at glacial pace due to a lack of time and finances. Yesterday the carpenter managed to put in the door which links the hall to the main house. Hooray! (My husband is determined to get it up and running so we can organise the rest of the house).

The most work done to the hall so far has been all the boring stuff - drainage, engineering, shoring up the structure once the ceiling came out. The new (old) re-cycled windows are in but it still looks like a building site. I always say it has to get worse before it gets better and there is always a low point in any renovation. It's usually in the middle of winter ...and this is it.

After many years and many renovations, I almost look forward to "the low point" because it means the worst is out of the way. I think many renovators are shocked when they reach the low point and this is when reno-stress sets in. It's also because when things are looking ugly its also when unexpected problems appear, such as termite infestation, dodgy plumbing, wood rot etc.

So today I thought I'd post some nice pics of barns and cricket pavilions that have been renovation success stories, just to egg me on!

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  1. I think I'm suffereing reno-stress at the moment. We started my work room last October and it's gone nowhere. The plastering quote was well over double what I expected and could afford, so I just dont know what to do. Very depressing but kind of good to know that reno stress is a normal situation!
    Your barn is going to be truly amazing when it is done :)