Friday, August 6, 2010

Palm Encore

India Hicks adds Caribbean style to her rooms with palm fronds

Not since I was a teen have indoor plants been cool. Martha Stewart invited hem back in a few years ago (or did they ever go?) but maybe that's because she lives in a colder climate.

Anyway, I have been contemplating the benefits of indoor gardening myself lately. It's not just the benefits of cleaner air, I'm even warming to the idea of a potted palm in the beach house living rooms. At its best the palm is a little bit India Hicks in the Caribbean. At its worst it reminds me of unimaginative office foyers.

So this weekend I might venture into that most stylish of nurseries, the plant section of Kmart, which may be the only place where the fishbone fern, african violet and potted palm still thrive. Think outside the style square...


  1. Go for it. You'll make anything look good. If you can do a India Hicks that would be the ultimate. Good luck! Pruxxx

  2. Love the pictures of India Hicks' house!