Sunday, August 15, 2010

Remembering Richard

At Vogue we used to wonder why all the good fashion photographers were surfers... Was it their connection with nature, understanding of the beauty of early morning light or was it just an a fine-tuned appreciation of girls in bikinis?

Perhaps Australia's most successful contemporary fashion photographer and life long surfer, Richard Bailey, passed away from cancer recently at age 52.
Dickie, with his movie star looks that hid a boyish shyness, had an extraordinary talent and drive, producing some of his hottest images in his last decade.

He had a way of entrancing models and you could almost see it in their eyes when you looked through the shots on the lightbox or computer screen. He launched the careers of many of Australia's most successful models and he will be missed enormously by all who worked with him at Vogue over his 31 year association.

His houses were always amazing. He was never without an inspiring ocean view, a great garden that he tended himself and a way with interiors that was consummate beach style.
What a shame to lose such a man, too early.


  1. May he rest in peace and his work live on.Sad so young.~Blessings Kim

  2. I was saddened to read of his passing. The tribute in September's Vogue is touching and shows how beloved he was. What a gorgeous man and gorgeous family he has.

    His photos for Vogue Australia are amongst my all time favourites. The pic of Jenny Bannister bare backed in a turquoise silk skirt swathed in Dinosaur Design beads, if memory serves, is absolutely stunning and one that when I first saw it, I just said "Wow".

    What a talented man, taken so young.

    Sandy K

  3. How sad, so young, in fact, way to young :(

  4. You are right... SAD, indeed!!

    Northern Light

  5. Such sad news, he was so talented :(

  6. Sure gotta love his beautiful smile.

    Beauty is found in the eye of the beholder and your tribute was touching.

    My deepest sympathy,