Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Resort Style

Malolo Island, Fiji - interiors by Vanessa Wood

Tanjung Sari, Bali is a very old resort
Raes On Wategos is where the celebrities stay in Byron.

I have been looking at taking a beach holiday (it's winter here) and have realised how fussy I have become when it comes to the interior decor of hotels and resorts.
Now I am not necessarily into 5-6 star all the way, but I am totally over those glitzy 5 star hotels that all look the same, no matter where in the world you are. It's actually really hard to find something stylish that offers more of a cultural experience. There are some exceptions:
Tanjung Sari in Bali, Malolo Island in Fiji (haven't been there as yet) and Raes on Wategos on the beach at Byron Bay.
Malolo was done by Gold Coast designer, Vanessa Wood.
Does anyone know of any others.... preferably where you can take kids. I should have mentioned that.


  1. I haven't been (one day hopefully!) but apparently the Puri Ganesha Villas in Bali are amazing!

  2. these sure are gorgeous choices! love those beamed ceilings! I agree, the big hotels are all the same and a big part of the fun for me when travelling too is to experience the flavour of where I am :)

  3. Talking of might to look at 1 hour south of Byron Bay, idealic waterfront village. Wattego's on the clarence!!