Saturday, December 18, 2010

Best Xmas Decor ideas

Tim Rundle's still life with baubles, above and modern Christmas below.

Fabric tree at Black & Spiro, above, and Martha's golden-toned tree at Bedford, New York.

Silver on silver - keeping it monochrome at Martha Stewart's New York State home.
Black & Spiro tree of rainbow colours!
A table decoration at Martha's East Hampton home.

It has been fun getting into the Christmas spirit and here are some of my picks for best festive styling. this year.
1. The team at Martha Stewart (or is it just Martha?) who decorate her houses. Most of us can only dream about having so many gorgeous houses and the time to decorate so many trees! I love the fact she has christmas trees in the hall, in the kitchen as well as the living room.
2. Tim Rundle is a natty stylist who has glammed up his seventies bungalow for Christmas for Living Etc. So many decorations... love the ideas for decorating a modern home for the season.
3. Loved Anna Spiro's colourful Christmas tree made from fabric strips. She posted it a while ago but here it is to enjoy again!


  1. merry Christmas! have a great time!

  2. Christmas is finally happening here at Casa Re-Vintaged! Just the kid-decorated Chrissy tree so not as beautifully styled as these exquisite examples. (but I will be watching it all with that 'mummy-smile')
    Love Anna's colour shot though - magnificent :)
    Thanks for the re-visit!

  3. I like the silver on silver and table ornament at Martha's house. The Anna Spiro tree just goes pow with all that colour! Wow!!

  4. I'm glad I have only one house to decorate! Isn't it fun all the creative ways people decorate for the holidays?

  5. Hi there,
    forgive this very delayed post, (5 months later!) but thanks for your kind comment on the christmas photos of my house, thought you might enjoy my blog and images (maybe as much as i enjoy yours);

    check out the christmas chapter,

    best wishes from the UK
    Tim Rundle