Monday, December 13, 2010

That's The Spirit

Thanks for all the comments. I am doing a quick post because I am running from one house to the next getting them ready for the Christmas holidays. Needless to say I am writing long "to do" lists, working on those festive wreaths and Chrissy trees for the beach houses and will photograph the results.
As I go I'm also having to do all the mundane stuff like replace wine glasses, soak cushion covers and rush out to buy new dish racks... what fun.
Note to self: remember to take the camera and the hot glue gun!!


  1. Love this...would be perfect in my imaginary beach house!!

  2. whew! I'm tired just reading this! :)
    love that top image with the starfish in the milkglass - so pretty!

  3. I adore the second shot. How lovely are those little boats. Pruxxx

  4. I've used shells to decorate a Christmas wreath for the front door. They look great!

  5. very pretty!

    Have a love Holiday:)