Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colour Clash

Clashing colour combinations have always been a favourite of mine. Thinking about doing up the second bedroom at one of the beach cottages, I can't get past blue and green (which should never be seen). Pink and orange or red and pink would have t be my most loved combination.
Most interior designers stick to the correct combos in colour theory (more or less)- like red and green, yellow and purple or blue, or orange and blue.
What is your fav combination?


  1. The third one has captured my imagination, classic with a twist.

    Felicity x

  2. I love that last image. I love orange and pink.

  3. I like red and purple accents in a a neutral room.

  4. Most definitely blue and green!! That first image and the blue/green fabric are wonderful.

  5. As an interior designer, I reckon that all rules are always up for grabs!

    Sometimes the most surprising combinations evoke the strongest reactions ~ like pale blue with deep vermilion {which I remember one of my uni professors said we were never allowed to do or he would disown us. Why? I wonder, as this is one of the most attention grabbing and delightful of combos!}

    Blue and green ~ especially playing around with different tones ~ is just one of those enduringly delicious classics which makes a room sing. And SO perfect for a coastal theme ~ I look forward to images of the bedroom when done.

  6. Hi Catherin,

    Love the colour clashes. They're ZESTY and FUN.


  7. luved the blue color pallette in the room.......

  8. I love the color combination on the room. It is so pleasing in the eyes and so lively. I'm glad I've read this article. Thanks for posting. I got many ideas in remodeling my room.