Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Outdoor Makeover

One item I always have waiting in the garage for a makeover is a piece of vintage patio furniture. I pick them up at garage sales or at the recycling centre (a.k.a. the tip) and I can't resist them.
Currently I have about 3 iron stools, an eight seat Italian dining setting and a couple of funky 60s aluminum armchairs with matching cafe table. I love their groovy lines but they are hard work unless you get them sand-blasted which is not a cheap process.
Yesterday I stumbled across Cheryl Maeder in Southern Living Magazine who has a business restoring vintage patio furniture. Now here's a girl who is handy with the sand paper and spray gun! I love the way she uses quite daring colour schemes, too.


  1. The collies remind me a little of Robert Plumb outdoor furniture. Fabulous!

  2. They're gorgeous! Love the bright colours. I'd love to get a nice set, maybe cane? for our verandah...some day...

  3. hey i'm in luuuuuuuv with vinatge themed bedrooms. can't wait till i can design my new room soon!! :)