Friday, August 17, 2012

Bedroom For A Tween

Renovations at my own house are starting to move along (again) and I am getting ready to do up my daughter's bedroom.

There is plenty of decorating material available for small children's bedrooms but once they get past about 7 years old they are growing out of "cute".
We are facing a challenge. She is not old enough for more a sophisticated look but doesn't want bunnies and teddies. or cutesey icons either. She does love flowers and gardens so I think we will go with that.

There is an exposed brick chimney which is right in the middle of the room which, instead of plastering, I think I'll get the carpenters to sheet up so I can make it into a wallpapered feature.
I am a huge fan of the way Designers Guild use colour and pattern so I thought I'd share my inspiration board with you.
I love the eclectic mix of old and modern furniture.
As far as colours go, I think I will be going for pink and orange, with accents of purple and green. Sounds a bit garish doesnt it?
Does anyone have any tips for decorating a tween bedroom?

Photos from Designers Guild and Graham & Brown


  1. My cousin had the same issue a few years back. In the end she decided to keep the wall paper a black and white strip pattern and with the loose carpet and bedding in flower patten. Now that the tween is a bit older, all she had to do was change the carpet and the bedding to update a lot of the room. Hope that helps

  2. I think it's a gorgeous age to decorate for. Just like clothes, they can get away with quirky, original colour combos without it feeling silly. I love the idea of using a really bold pattern wall paper on one wall and tying in an accent colour on the other walls. To avoid it looking crazy hectic, perhaps keep the bed linen white with pretty cushions.

  3. That wallpaper in the first shot is purely devine! My little girl is about to turn 7 and thats even harder as she is not a baby anymore and is starting to gather her own tastes....I have some beautiful Pip Studio wallpaper which I think is just so lovely without being babyish. I think you have to work with the child at that age and incorporate what they want and mix in some of your own taste in so they don't notice!!!

  4. ooh some gorgeous images I am sure you will create something gorgeous I had the same problems with my daughter I went for the baby blue white & olive colours (phew she loved it) on to my son know he's just turned 10 I had started the blue, red & white but know thinking is that to dated? Well good look looking forward to seeing what you have put together :)

  5. Great ideas there, thank you. Had better get on with it....

  6. OMG! I want my bedroom to look like that. Its very appropriate to a child nearing the teenage stage. Its a great design.
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  7. I adore tween bedrooms that are real in their colourscheme and furnishings with a quirky, fun feel added with accesories and soft furnishings and art.