Monday, September 3, 2012

Beach House inspiration revisited

This house is not actually a beach house but a ranch in Texas by Ginger Barber (House Beautiful). Nevertheless, I really love its style- I think its a perfect fit for the beach, country or city for that matter. I posted some of these photos a while back and it has been one of my most popular posts.
I came across it again while looking for stone fireplaces as I have a pile of huge sandstone blocks ready to be cut. I also am planning some detail for a screened porch which is yet to be built, so this place really has it all for me!


  1. Nice! I like how they arranged the patio furniture. I can really see myself hanging out there with my family on a bright sunny day while drinking tea and eating cookies! The rooms look very luxurious too. The white background color made the whole house look clean and bright.

  2. such an inspiration. I hope ican copy that for my future home...

  3. That is one beautiful place! Looking at it, the words relaxing and comfortable came to my mind immediately. It looks like a country-styled home that is blended with a contemporary design. It is definitely a place where the whole family can enjoy.