Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden Inspiration

Spent some time on the weekend doing a bit of winter gardening, that is, planning for new beds, looking at new roses and re-stocking the vegie patch. 
Winter is the perfect time to look through design books and be inspired by other gardeners creativity. By far the most inspirational gardener I have ever come across is Sue Southam whose book, Velvet Pears, which came out recently, is a must read. 
I first met Sue a couple of years ago when I went to interview her for South Coast Style. She lives at Tilba Tilba which is about 4.5 hrs south of Sydney and has devoted most of the past 25 years to her rambling and magical garden.
Here are some pics from the story I did on her in the May issue of Country Style Magazine.
By the way, I look forward to the next book which will hopefully show more of her amazing house.
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