Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does Jenna Have Sequined Cushions?

I love the style of J.Crew's chief designer Jenna Lyons. Love her Brooklyn brownstone. Love the way she teams a nautical stripe tee with pewter sequined pants.

Love the way she approaches trends with a kind of brave, girly, gut instinct - "we feel what's new, what excites us for the season, and it might have been something we didn't like last season". She said something along those lines.

It occurred to me when I saw her on Oprah yesterday (we get it a two months later here, sorry US readers) that its taken me a while to come around to sequins in the home. Is it just me?

For about two years now we have been presented with endless shiney bedlinen and throw cushions at trade shows and I have berated the wholesaler's reps over and over again. "I'm SORRY, but I just don't get that look for the bedroom. It's just too shiney for me."

The penny has dropped that the reason I am not a fan of that look because I have not seen it put together well. I'm coming around now to sequins in the home but I'm going to style it like Jenna would. Team it with a cotton stripe and add something else that's a bit decadent like the equivalent of the chunky beaded bracelet Jenna would wear.


  1. I would rather wear sequins than have them on my pillows any day of the week and I like Jenna's outfit too.

  2. You can't go wrong doing it like Jenna does it. I love her style. I wish we got J Crew here. But no.

  3. Wow, blingy cushions. Love the pink one.

  4. It would look good teamed like her clothes!! Sometimes too many sequins are just too over the top for me