Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Print: Country Style Mag

Kathy used a Porters stain on the new pine floorboards to get that dark chocolate look.

This bath is fully plumbed with hot and cold water and is a favourite place for the family to bathe!

This story about a country house belonging to Kathy and John Collins was an inspiring one to to write.
The Collins are a gung-ho couple with two young children who had a dream and went for it.
They are a couple of city types with a property renovation business who wanted to create an idyllic retreat in the country for themselves.

Kathy spent hours trawling online auction sites to collect the vast array of industrial and country antiques and vintage treasures and her passion shows in the interiors. Here I have included some of the shots that were not used in the article.

See the new issue of Country Style for the whole story.


  1. Love the bath tub at the base of the rainwater tanks. I guess it is really a stock trough, but I rather like to imagine it as a wonderful bath in the middle of a paddock. Now that's a view!

  2. This is just beautiful, love it! :))

  3. Hi Catherine, you had me at the first image... I saw a danish flag and had to check it out further... not really sure if its "just" a pillow, or... either way, this is a wonderful home, thank you for sharing!

    Northern Light

  4. Looks gorgeous - how much fun to decorate a country homestead! Tracey xx

  5. I have this issue at home still in plastic.......I will read this tonight!

  6. Looks fabulous, must pop to the newsagent in the morning - love the Banksia wallpaper - yep, I could live there!

  7. as an ex-farmer's wife i really enjoyed this article. reminded me of my days of trying to restore a 100yr + homestead from ruin on next to nothing. they had a really nice style too.

  8. Absolutely love this home, I could move straight in. Must grab my copy today!