Saturday, May 7, 2011

At The Auction

Last weekend the contents of a lovely old house near us went up for auction. Oh dear you can see where this story is headed...

Yes, hubby and I went along to the event held onsite in the gorgeous old garden. The auctioneer barely drew breath from 9am until 5,30 pm as he went through 400 and something lots.

We were mainly interested in the garden furniture and ornaments and bid on and bought some little beauties. A set of 5 stunning retro garden chairs, a garden fountain and a nicely mossy wall thing for me. A lawnmower and tools galore for him.


  1. That is a gorgeous little house... would love to see those chairs. gxo

  2. I cant help but feel a little sad. All those contents just auctioned off. I wonder if that will happen to me.....all my stuff. I would be devastated, dead, but still devastated!

  3. What a beautiful home. Your goodies sound great. Hopefully we'll get to see them :)

  4. It is a gorgeous house, it has a warm and nice feeling, i would love to see your new purchase too!