Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vogue-ing at Neild Ave - lunch with Edwina McCann

The Event:
Last week I was invited to a very special lunch to surprise an old colleague, Edwina McCann, who has just been appointed Editor In Chief of Vogue Magazine. It was also a reunion for all of us who worked together on Vogue in the 90s - which feels like another lifetime ago!

Ed was a talented and down-to-earth girl in those days and I'm happy to say she is still just as lovely and capable. The lunch was orchestrated by Jill Davison who was - and still is - Ed's collaborator in all things fashion. Fashion stylist Jill is also moving from Harpers Bazaar to Vogue so it will be very exciting to see what these talented gals have got in store for Vogue readers and followers in print online as well.

The Venue:
Jill, of course, chose one of the most chic venues in Sydney for the get-together, Neild Avenue in Rushcutters Bay. The interiors are fantastic and not something you feel like you have seen before.
Neild Ave was designed by Rome-based Australian architect Carl Pickering who has collaborated with chefs Maurice Terzini (of Caffe e Cucina in Melbourne) and Robert Marchetti on projects like the Bondi Icebergs.

The restaurant is housed in an old heritage warehouse and Terzini has deliberately gone with a slightly rustic, unprecious approach with colourful murals by artist Anthony Lister  overhead, untreated wood and polished concrete floors.

 The Verdict:

Great company, unusual food, buzzy location. I have to admit that catching up with such a smart and dynamic bunch of (mainly) women was energising and inspiring.


  1. Wow! This place looks and feels electric! What a wonderful event! G. X

  2. Lovely article Catherine! I enjoyed the read and will look forward to future posts.
    I had the pleasure of working with the guys when they opened and it is just an amazing place for entertaining friends and family.


  3. This looks like the place to be! On the list when I visit Sydney next.

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