Monday, December 10, 2012

Cast Iron Beds, more

This is the Lillesand bed from Ikea - not a bad look.
Where to buy Cast Iron Beds?

I did a post on this look some months back and keep getting queries from readers about where they can get that traditional cast iron bed look.
I bought my single beds from Forty Winks (now Home Zone). They look great and I'll post a shot soon - they are currently at one of the beach cottages.
Freedom now do a reasonably priced version, as do Ikea.
I have included photos.

Purists will poo-poo theses knock-off versions but the original ones are usually odd sizes and need work. Believe me, I have a stunning iron bed in pieces in storage as I have to get a custom mattress made for it and fix it up a bit. It will probably remain in storage while my Forty Winks beds are solid, well made and look great!

This is the new Firenze bed from Freedom Furniture which comes in two colours.

If you have any renovating or decorating dilemmas, I'm happy to help out!


  1. Aahah! "Purists will poo-poo theses knock-off versions" but I agree with you! I have an original one but have no time to renovate it (or the money to do it right now) and deal with the mattress finding it requires.

    Thank you for sharing the info will check Home Zone for sure!

  2. Have you thought about linking suppliers you mention in your blog? Example Freedom/Home Zone, specifically to the pieces you mention in this case the cast iron beds? It's generous of you to offer this info/your knowledge and by linking and sending traffic to these sites from yours you might get a discount from them. You deserve it, great blog.

  3. Well metal beds are best when it comes to customization, they are available in amazing styles and colors, these beds are also more durable when compared with wooden ones.