Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just What Is A Fibro Shack?

I often get asked by readers from the USA what a fibro beach shack is and today there was another query.
Fibro cottages date back to the 1920s and are the iconic Aussie Beach Shack. We bought our first beach fibro back in 1998 and got hooked on their quaint, retro holiday vibe and have been buying and doing them up ever since.
They have become very trendy with creative types from the city and where we live there is a kind of unofficial contest to see who does the best fibro makeover.

Some are done in a retro kitsch way, others in a more sophisticated "designer" way.
Some of them have great names like:
The Big Kahuna
On The Beach
The Fibro Majestic (after a famous old hotel called the Hydro Majestic)
Life's A Beach
Gidget Goes to Culburra
The Riverboat Queen
Duz Us


  1. These are terrific images today.
    I'm loving the hammock in the first one, evokes memories of going to the beach, coming home to a great salad sandwiche made on fresh bakery bread then having a 'camp' with a good read in the afternoon.

    Bring back summer!


  2. Oh How I love all the shacks/cottages! Thx for sharing !
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I would love one of these! Of course I would want the beach and the hammock to go with it.

  4. Thank you for "splaning" it to us...;)

    Northern Light

  5. These are so cute and I love the candy colours! I want a fibro shack of my own! : )

  6. Love a good fibro. Only thing to watch is taking great care during the renovation process. Working with asbestos is not for everyone!

  7. Hey Catherine,
    I just found you via Allison Tait's blog. I can't believe I didn't know you had a blog all this time. I wondered what happened to you after Surf and Turf. I also didn't know you had a shop in Berry. I'll come and visit soon.
    Beth x

  8. I have always hated fibro. Then my lovely wife directed me here and I have new hope...

  9. The modern day version is just called fibro cement sheeting and is a lightweight building board.
    It is used in all kinds of building projects, not just beach houses!