Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keep It Personal

Today I was reminded by my friend Allison over at Pink Fibro, who is a pretty talented writer (and sub editor), to keep my blogs more personal. I think my last post on Ilse Crawford was a little too 'magazine', so here's the back story.
Al reckons I should feel free to name drop, too, although I must admit I am cringing...

Ok. Yes, I have met Ilse Crawford many years ago - at a small party my old mate Craig Markham, who runs all those Firmdale Hotels out of London, threw in her honor. I found her to be elegant in a modern way but very real, an unusual combination that gives her a certain aura.

Among the gang of Aussie expats there was photographer Martyn Thompson who shot her recent book, Home is Where The Heart Is. I used to work with Martyn quite a lot back in those days and am occasionally reminded of him by a beautiful picture of a face he took that hangs above my fireplace. Martyn and Ilse are a creative match made in heaven. They share the same love of dark, sophisticated images (or is that just the London/New York light?) and a quite masculine interior aesthetic.

Martyn is a very stylish man and the interiors of his own homes have always been a passion - there is an interesting series of still lifes and collections in every room. I can see his hand in the book is more than just recording the things and places Ilse wanted to include.

What strikes me most about the interiors he photographs are how personal they are. I think a style lesson to be leaned from this creative duo is how important personal touches are in your surroundings (as well your blogs). They are not only good for your soul they put the soul into a room. Remember this next time you put a room together, or change things around if the room doesn't 'feel right' and it will suddenly come together.


  1. I agree Catherine - on both counts. I am drawn to blogs that are interesting and written from the heart. And I find that there are many cookie cutter homes because oftentimes people want their place to look so perfect that they forget to add their own sense of style.

    Great post!

  2. I adore this house!!...Just found your blog it's lovely!
    Please check out mine sometime! xoxox

  3. Great post and I must say that I prefer blogs that are more personal too. It makes you feel like your listening to a friend, no? x

  4. When you are a blog writer, it sometimes is so difficult to keep it personal, and impersonal all at the same time. I completely understand that fine line that we walk. LOVE the bathroom in this post!

  5. I love it when a plan comes together...

  6. Loving that last photo.
    I must admit I do love the 'personal touch'