Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Dream is Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Ever had a dream of buying an old historic home and doing it up? This post is for you... and me!
For those in Australia, you can catch a re-run of UK renovation guru Sarah Beeny's own nightmare project, the restoration of a huge historic home in Yorkshire, now on ABC's iView.
The three part series captures every twist and turn in the 8-month renovation of this 200 year old house, Rise Hall.
I love that the show captures all the stress, decision panic and hard graft of this enormous and ambitious venture in the race to get it ready for a wedding deadline that cannot be moved back.
You can see more of Rise Hall at


  1. I loved watching this when it was on in England with her 4 young boys running around the place the whole time too. That would have been my nightmare. How on earth you get anything done with kids everywhere! ;)

  2. It was a fab show to watch, although very stressful! I loved watching the transformation!...xv

  3. Honestly, since I've been a parent the renovation life has really slowed down. How on earth did she do it with four young sons? One was a new-born! My guess is there was a grandmother or nanny lurking somewhere!

  4. Whole transmission was really interesting. The important thing is that the show captures all the stress.

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